trait ValueNElem extends SpecialT

A class that can be constructed from a fixed number of homogeneous primitive values such as Ints, Doubles or Longs. The final class can be stored as * an Array of primitive values. Note the classes that extend this trait do not extend Product or its numbered sub traits, because the logical size of the product may not be the same as the number of primitive values, for example a LineSeg is a product of 2 Pt2s, but is composed from 4 Double values.


trait SpecialT
class Any
Known subtypes
trait DblNElem
trait Dbl1Elem
class Angle
trait AngleLike
class AngleVec
class Latitude
class Longitude
trait Dbl2Elem
class PtM2
trait Vec2Like
class Pt2
class Vec2
trait length2M
class Vec2M
trait PointDbl2
class LatLong
trait Dbl3Elem
trait Vec3Like
class Pt3
class Vec3
trait PointDbl3
class PtM3
trait Dbl4Elem
trait LineSegLikeDbl4[VT]
class LineSeg
class LineSegM2
class LineSegLL
trait Dbl5Elem
trait Dbl6Elem
trait LineSegLikeDbl6[VT]
class LineSeg3
class LineSegM3
trait Dbl7Elem
class CurveTail
trait LineSegLikeDblN[VT]
trait PointDblN
trait IntNElem
trait Int1Elem
class Colour
trait TDirn
trait HStep
object HStepUL.type
object HexDL.type
object HexDR.type
object HexLt.type
object HexRt.type
object HexUR.type
object SqDn.type
object SqLt.type
object SqRt.type
object SqUp.type
trait SqDirn
object SqDL.type
object SqDR.type
object SqUL.type
object SqUR.type
trait HVDirnOpt
trait HVDirn
object HVDL.type
object HVDR.type
object HVDn.type
object HVUL.type
object HVUR.type
object HVUp.type
object HVExact.type
class HVOffset
trait Int2Elem
trait TCoord
trait TCen
class HCen
class SqCen
trait TSide
class HSide
class SqSide
trait TVert
trait HCoord
trait HNotVert
class HVert
trait SqCoord
class SqVert
trait Int3Elem
class HCenStep
class HStepCen
class SqCenStep
trait Int4Elem
trait LineSegLikeInt4[VT]
class LineSegHC
class LineSegSC
trait Int5Elem
trait Int6Elem
trait LineSegLikeInt6[VT]
trait LineSegLikeIntN[VT]
trait LongNElem
trait Long1Elem
trait LineSegLike[VT]

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