trait Coloured extends AnyRef

This trait provides a few handy methods for classes with the colour member


class Object
trait Matchable
class Any
Known subtypes
class Lunit
class Team
object TeamA.type
object TeamB.type
trait Terr
object Plain.type
object Water.type
object Woods.type
trait WSide
object Lake.type
object Sea.type
trait WTile
class Land
object SeaIce.type
object TerrainNone.type
trait Water
trait Player
object PBlack.type
object PWhite.type
class Corps
trait SSBody
trait Moon
object TheMoon.type
trait Planet
object Earth.type
object Jupiter.type
object Mars.type
object Mercury.type
object Neptune.type
object Pluto.type
object Saturn.type
object Uranus.type
object Venus.type
object Sun.type
class Army
class Army
class Squad
trait ZugTerr
trait Building
object StoneBuilding.type
object WoodBuilding.type
object Hill.type
object Lake.type
object Plain.type
object WheatField.type

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