abstract class EArea2(val name: String, val cen: LatLong, val terr: WTile) extends GeographicSymbolKey

A second level area of the Earth.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any
object Canarias.type
object CentralAfricaWest.type
object EastAfricaSouth.type
object Iceland.type
object LakeTanganyika.type
object LakeVictoria.type
object Majorca.type
object Peloponnese.type
object SaharaEast.type
object SaharaWest.type
object Sicily.type
object centralAfricaEast.type
object Alpsland.type
object Anatolia.type
object Balkans.type
object Baltland.type
object Caucasus.type
object Corsica.type
object Crimea.type
object England.type
object Faroe.type
object Finlandia.type
object FranceSouth.type
object Frankia.type
object Germania.type
object Gotland.type
object Hiiumaa.type
object Iberia.type
object Ireland.type
object Italy.type
object JanMayen.type
object Jutland.type
object OuterHebrides.type
object Polandia.type
object Saaremaa.type
object Sardina.type
object Scotland.type
object Shetland.type
object SwedenNorth.type
object SwedenSouth.type
object Ukraine.type
object Zealand.type
object CentralCanada.type
object EastCanada.type
object LakeErie.type
object LakeHuron.type
object LakeMichigan.type
object LakeOntario.type
object LakeSuperior.type
object Nordauslandet.type
object RusNorth.type
object Svalbard.type
object UsaEast.type
object WestCanada.type

Value members

Abstract methods

A quasi polygon on the earths surface defined in LatLongs.

A quasi polygon on the earths surface defined in LatLongs.

Concrete methods

override def toString: String
Definition Classes

Concrete fields

val terr: WTile