package ostrat.pDung

Type members


object CharacA extends Character
object CharacB extends Character
case class CharacPosn(charac: Character, y: Int, c: Int, facing: SqFace)
object CharacY extends Character
object CharacZ extends Character
class Character(val iden: Char, val faction: Faction) extends ShowSimple
sealed trait DungTerr extends AnyRef with ShowSimple
object Dungeon1 extends DungeonScen
case class DungeonGui(canv: CanvasPlatform, scen: DungeonScen) extends CmdBarGui

This uses the new Gui.

This uses the new Gui.

object Fac1 extends Faction
object Fac2 extends Faction
sealed class Faction(val str: String, val colour: Colour) extends ShowSimple
object Open extends DungTerr
object Wall extends DungTerr