Trait for Array[Double] backed classes. The purpose of this trait is to allow for collections of this class to be stored with their underlying Array[Double]s.

class Any
trait DataDblNs[A]
trait ArrDblNs[A]
trait ArrDbl1s[A]
class Angles
trait ArrDbl2s[A]
class MyDbl2s
class PolygonM
class Pt2s
class Vec2MArr
class LatLongs
trait ArrDbl3s[A]
class Pt3s
trait ArrDbl4s[A]
class LineSegs
trait ArrDbl5s[A]
trait ArrDbl6s[A]
trait ArrDbl7s[A]
trait DataDbl2s[A]
trait LinePathDbl2s[A]
class LinePath
trait PolygonDbl2s[VT]
class PolygonLL
trait Pt2sLike
trait DataDbl3s[A]
trait LinePathDbl3s[A]
trait PolygonDbl3s[VT]
class PolygonM3
trait DataDbl4s[A]
trait DataDbl5s[A]
trait DataDbl6s[A]
trait DataDbl7s[A]
trait LinePathDblNs[A]
trait PolygonDblNs[VT]

Value members

Abstract methods

def unsafeArray: Array[Double]