trait ArrayDblBacked extends SpecialT

Trait for Array[Double] backed classes. The purpose of this trait is to allow for collections of this class to be stored with their underlying Array[Double]s.


trait SpecialT
class Any
Known subtypes
trait DblNSeqLike[A]
trait Dbl2SeqLike[A]
trait Dbl2Arr[A]
class MyDbl2s
class Pt2Arr
class Vec2MArr
class Vec2s
trait Dbl2SeqSpec[A]
trait LinePathDbl2[A]
class LinePath
class LinePathM
trait Polygon
trait HexReg
class HexRegImp
trait Hexlign
class HexParrX
class HexParrY
trait Rectangle
class PhiRect
class PhiRectY
trait Rect
class RectImp
class Sqlign
trait Square
class SquareImp
trait Triangle
trait PolygonLikeDbl2[VT]
class PolygonM2
class PolygonLL
trait Dbl3SeqLike[A]
trait Dbl3Arr[A]
class Pt3Arr
class PtM3Arr
trait Dbl3SeqSpec[A]
trait LinePathDbl3[A]
trait PolygonLikeDbl3[VT]
class PolygonM3
trait Dbl4SeqLike[A]
trait Dbl4Arr[A]
trait LineSegLikeDbl4Arr[VT, A]
trait Dbl4SeqSpec[A]
trait Dbl5SeqLike[A]
trait Dbl5Arr[A]
trait Dbl5SeqSpec[A]
trait Dbl6SeqLike[A]
trait Dbl6Arr[A]
trait LineSegLikeDbl6Arr[VT, A]
trait Dbl6SeqSpec[A]
trait Dbl7SeqLike[A]
trait Dbl7Arr[A]
trait Dbl7SeqSpec[A]
trait DblNArr[A]
trait Dbl1Arr[A]
class Angles
trait LineSegLikeDblNArr[VT, A]
trait DblNSeqSpec[A]
trait LinePathDblN[A]
trait PolygonLikeDblN[VT]

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