trait BlockMem extends TextSpan

This trait includes all the tokens except braces plus the Bracket syntactic blocks. The Block in the name block member is either the top level statements in the file or the statements with in a bracket block. Conceptually the source file is considered a special case of bracket block where the beginning of substitutes for the opening bracket and the end of file substitutes for the closing bracket. BlockMember has only two sub traits StatementMember and SemiToken. So a sequence of TokenOrBlocks is simply a series of tokens which has been parsed into Blocks.

trait TextSpan
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any
class CharToken
class Dot2Token
class Dot3Token
class DotToken
trait Expr
class PreOpExpr
trait Expr1
trait Expr0
trait ExprSeq
class AsignExpr
trait AssignMem
trait ClauseMem

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