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This project has 3 main focuses

  1. Historical strategy games, particularly focused on simultaneous-turn, tile-based games.
  2. Graphics for the display of historical information.
  3. A functional Geometry and Vector Graphics library with various supporting utilities.
Info for developers here.
Info for new developers here.
The Code is currently organised into 7 modules. Each module can build artifacts for Jvm and JavaFx and for the JavaScript platform and the Web.
  1. Util Contains a number of utilities. This includes a parsing and persistence system.
  2. Geom Module Depends on Util. Basic 2D and 3D geometry, functional Graphics.
  3. Tiling Module Depends on Util and Geom modules. Encodes tile Grids, both square and hexagonal, as well as systems of grids.
  4. Earth Module This module is for Earth maps. Allows the manipulation of latitude and longitude allowing free conversion between them and 2D and 3D coordinates.
  5. EGrid Module Tiling of the whole world in Hex grids, defining the changes over the course of history. This will be a data orientated module. It will also include terrain types to model terrain, both real and imagined for local maps and higher scales right up to 0.5 metres per tile However it won't generally include the data for these. The data for the real world will be organised according to a number of levels, which are likely to change over increasingly shorter historical time frames.
  6. Apps Module This module for end-user applications, that may eventually end up in their own repositories
  7. Dev Module Depends on all the other modules. This module is for the use of developer tools and settings and illustrate provide tutorials, and to some extent test the modules core code.