EGrid Module

World Hex Grids.

  1. EGrid 1300km 1300km hex scale world.
  2. EGrid 1000km 1000km hex scale world.
  3. EGrid 640km 640km hex scale world.
  4. EGrid 460km 460km hex scale world.
  5. EGrid 320km 320km hex scale world.
  6. EGrid Europe 220km 220km hex scale Europe.
  7. EGrid Europe wide 220km 220km hex scale Europe wide.
  8. EGrid North America 220km 220km hex scale North America.
  9. EGrid Europe 160km 160km hex scale Europe.
  10. EGrid Europe 120km 120km hex scale Europe.
  11. EGrid Europe 80km 80km hex scale Europe.
  12. Earth areas Earth irregular areas.

Hex tile grids for the Earth at various scales, 320km, 220km, 160km, 120km and 80km. The tile grids work the same as normal hex grids from in the Tiling module, except they have to be joined togethor at the 15, 45, 75 degree longitude boundaries.
A = 3 * √3 * R² / 2 //Where A is area and R is both the long radius and side length of the regualar hexagon.
R = 2 * r / √3 = d / √3 //Where r is the short radius and d is the short diameter or hex scale.
R² = d² / 3
A = √3 * d² / 2
A = 0.8660254037844386 * d²
MIA = A/6 //where MIA is minimum island area.
MIA = 0.14433756729740643 * d²