Apps Module

Strategy Games using tiled world maps.

  1. DiceLess A simple simultaneous turn multi player game set in Europe in 1900. As the name suggests no random element.
  2. Periculo Fundatuso A simple consecutive turn, world map game that has some grounding in earth geography.
  3. World War II Game Using 460km scale.
  4. BC305 A grand strategy game with a start point of 305BC. Its currently set on 80km hex scale, but I think it would be better to start with 320km or 220km. Not sure which yet. This is the game that most interests me.
  5. World War I Game A 120km hex game.
  6. Sors Imperiorum A game where empires appear at set times according to history. Uses 220km hex scale
  7. Age of Discovery A grand strategy game with a start point of 1492. It also uses an 160km scale world map.
  8. IndRev A grand strategy game with a start point of 1783. It also uses a 220km scale worldmap. This is the second game that most interests me.

Other Tiled Map Applications.

  1. Unit Locator Locates military units and gives information for a given date and time.
  2. Zug Fuhrer A Tactical strategy game with a 20 metre hex scale.
  3. Dungeon Game A Tactical strategy game on square tiles with a 0.5 metre tile scale.
  4. Civ Rise A 4X strategy game using hexs. Its main use so far has been to develop a generalised side terrain

Other Apps

  1. Geometry and Graphics Tutorials
  2. Planets Mostly knocked togethor quickly some time back. I've included it next just because its different.
  3. Simultaneous turn, tile based tutorial games.
  4. Flags Just some flags using the graphics module. Thanks to Rod and Stephen who did most of the work on this.
  5. Chess Not completed.