final class Roord extends AnyVal with ElemInt2

A Roord Row-ordinate represents a 2 dimensional integer coordinate within a tile grid system. The row or y value comes first. This is different to a Vec2 or Vec3 where the y vlue comes 2nd after the x valu. This has current been implemented for Hexs and Squares, while triangles is the third possible regular tile system. A SqGrid Cood represents either a tile centre, a tile side or a tile vertex. This is the same for a Hex Grid except that not all values are legal Cood values on a HexGrid. This system allows river and naval units to move along the tile sides. The axis are named y and c to distinguish them from the x and y of a Vec2. On a Hex grid there is not a simple 1 to 1 mapping between the Cood components and the Vec2 components.

trait ElemInt2
trait ElemIntN
trait SpecialT
class AnyVal
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def *(operand: Int): Roord
def +(operand: Roord): Roord
def -(operand: Roord): Roord
def /(operand: Int): Roord
def addC(operand: Int): Roord
def addY(operand: Int): Roord
def addYC(yOff: Int, cOff: Int): Roord
def c: Int
def cStr: String
def canEqual(a: Any): Boolean
def gridPt2(implicit tileGrid: TileGridOld): Pt2
def gridVec(implicit tileGrid: TileGridOld): Vec2
def int1: Int
def int2: Int
def step(st: HTStep): Roord
def subC(operand: Int): Roord
def subY(operand: Int): Roord
def subYC(yOff: Int, cOff: Int): Roord
def tilePoly(implicit tileGrid: TileGridOld): Polygon
override def toString: String
Definition Classes
def y: Int
def yPlusC: Int
def yStr: String
def ycStr: String

Concrete fields

val bLong: Long