This is a package for Chess and Draughts (also known as Checkers). It has been included in the main Strat library, as useful to have code. Because they are finished games, with established rules and iconography. As opposed to applications like GOne, GTwo etc, which are super simple games merely created for the teaching of the use use of the ostrat libraries. And also as opposed to the games in the Dev module which are intended to be developed into interesting games which may at some point have their own individual repositories.

Type members


object Bishop extends Piece
case class ChessGui(canv: CanvasPlatform, scen: ChessScen) extends CmdBarGui
trait ChessScen extends ChessLikeScen
object ChessStart extends ChessScen
object King extends Piece
object Knight extends Piece
object PBlack extends Player
case class PPiece(player: Player, piece: Piece)

Player Piece

Player Piece

object PWhite extends Player
object Pawn extends Piece with UnScaledPolygonYMirror
sealed trait Piece extends UnScaledPolygon
sealed trait Player extends Coloured
object Queen extends Piece with UnScaledPolygonYMirror
object Rook extends Piece with UnScaledPolygonYMirror

Value members

Concrete methods

def uselessMethod: String