final class StringImplicit extends AnyVal

Extension methods for String. Brought into scope by the stringToImplicit method in the package object.

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  1. StringImplicit
  2. AnyVal
  3. Any
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Instance Constructors

  1. new StringImplicit(thisString: String)

Value Members

  1. final def !=(arg0: Any): Boolean
    Definition Classes
  2. final def ##(): Int
    Definition Classes
  3. def -(other: String): String
  4. def --(other: String): String

    Concatenates a space and then the other String

  5. def /(other: String): String

    Concatenates a '/' character and then the other String.

    Concatenates a '/' character and then the other String. Useful for constructing directory/ folder paths on the Web, Linux and Unix

  6. def :-(other: String): String
  7. final def ==(arg0: Any): Boolean
    Definition Classes
  8. def addEnqu(s2: String): String
  9. def appendCommas(extraStrings: String*): String

    Appends strings with a comma and space seperator

  10. def appendParenthSemis(innerStrs: String*): String
  11. def appendSemicolons(extraStrings: String*): String

    Appends extra Strings to thisString separated by " ;".

  12. final def asInstanceOf[T0]: T0
    Definition Classes
  13. def asInt: EMon[Int]
  14. def asType[A](implicit ev: Persist[A]): EMon[A]
  15. def commaInts(ints: Int*): String
  16. def dotAppend(extraStrings: String*): String
  17. def enCurly: String

    encloses string in Curly brackets

  18. def enParenth: String

    encloses string in parentheses

  19. def enSquare: String

    encloses string in Square brackets

  20. def enquote: String
  21. def enquote1: String
  22. def findBoolean: EMon[Boolean]
  23. def findBooleanSett(settingStr: String): EMon[Boolean]
  24. def findBooleanSettElse(settingStr: String, elseValue: Boolean): Boolean
  25. def findDouble: EMon[Double]
  26. def findDoubleSett(settingStr: String): EMon[Double]
  27. def findDoubleSettElse(settingStr: String, elseValue: Double): Double
  28. def findInt: EMon[Int]
  29. def findIntArray: EMon[Array[Int]]
  30. def findIntSett(settingStr: String): EMon[Int]
  31. def findIntSettElse(settingStr: String, elseValue: Int): Int
  32. def findSett[A](settingStr: String)(implicit arg0: Persist[A]): EMon[A]
  33. def findSettElse[A](settingStr: String, elseValue: A)(implicit arg0: Persist[A]): A
  34. def findType[A](implicit arg0: Persist[A]): EMon[A]

    Searches for Statement of type A.

    Searches for Statement of type A. Can be a value of type A or a setting of a type A.

  35. def findTypeDo[A](f: (A) => Unit)(implicit arg0: Persist[A]): Unit
  36. def findTypeElse[A](elseValue: => A)(implicit arg0: Persist[A]): A

    Finds Statement of type A.

  37. def findTypeIndex[A](index: Int)(implicit arg0: Persist[A]): EMon[A]
  38. def getClass(): Class[_ <: AnyVal]
    Definition Classes
    AnyVal → Any
  39. def ind2: String

    Prepends 2 spaces to string

  40. def ind4: String

    Prepends 4 spaces to string

  41. final def isInstanceOf[T0]: Boolean
    Definition Classes
  42. def lengthFix(newLenIn: Int = 3, packChar: Char = ' '): String
  43. def nl(indent: Int): String

    Concatenates a newline special character followed by spaces to this string

  44. def nl: String

    appends a newline special character to this String

  45. def optAppend(optionOther: Option[String]): String
  46. def parseStatements: ERefs[Statement]
  47. def parseTokens: ERefs[Token]
  48. def preNl: String

    Prepends a newline special character to this String

  49. def preNl(indent: Int): String

    prepends a newline special character and spaces to this string

  50. def prependIndefiniteArticle: String
  51. def remove2ndDot: String
  52. val thisString: String
  53. def toChars: Chars
  54. def toLowerWords: Array[String]
  55. def toString(): String
    Definition Classes
  56. def toTokens: EMon[Refs[Token]]
  57. def words: Array[String]

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