object Persist2

Factory object for Persist product 2 type class that persists objects with 2 parameters.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Type members


class Persist2Imp[A1, A2, R](val typeStr: String, val name1: String, val fArg1: R => A1, val name2: String, val fArg2: R => A2, val newT: (A1, A2) => R, val opt2: Option[A2], opt1In: Option[A1])(implicit val ev1: PersistDec[A1], val ev2: PersistDec[A2]) extends Persist2[A1, A2, R]

Value members

Concrete methods

def apply[A1, A2, R](typeStr: String, name1: String, fArg1: R => A1, name2: String, fArg2: R => A2, newT: (A1, A2) => R, opt2: Option[A2], opt1: Option[A1])(implicit ev1: PersistDec[A1], ev2: PersistDec[A2], eq1: EqT[A1], eq2: EqT[A2]): Persist2[A1, A2, R]