trait ElemIntN extends ElemValueN

A class that can be construct from a fixed number of Ints can be stored as an Array[Int] of primitive values.

trait SpecialT
class Any
trait ElemInt1
class Colour
trait HStep
object HStepDL.type
object HStepDR.type
object HStepLt.type
object HStepRt.type
object HStepUL.type
object HStepUR.type
trait ElemInt2
class Cood
trait TileCoord
trait TileCen
class HCen
class SqCen
trait TileSide
class HSide
class SqSide
trait TileVert
trait HCoord
trait HNotVert
class HVert
trait SqCoord
class SqVert
class Roord
trait ElemInt4
class CoodLine
class RoordLine