final class TileBooleans(val unsafeArr: Array[Boolean]) extends AnyVal

An immutable Arr of Boolean Tile data for a specific TileGrid. This is specialised for Boolean. The tileGrid can map the Roord of the Tile to the index of the Arr. Hence most methods take an implicit TIleGrid parameter.

class AnyVal
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def gridMap[A, AA <: SeqImut[A]](f: (Roord, Boolean) => A)(implicit grid: TileGridOld, build: ArrBuilder[A, AA]): AA
def gridSetTrues(roords: Roords)(implicit grid: TileGridOld): Unit
def gridSetTrues(roords: Roord*)(implicit grid: TileGridOld): Unit

Concrete fields