trait Int2sArrFlatBuilder[B <: Int2Elem, ArrB <: Int2sArr[B]] extends IntNsArrFlatBuilder[B, ArrB]

Trait for creating the ArrTBuilder and ArrTFlatBuilder type class instances for Int2Arr final classes. Instances for the ArrTBuilder type class, for classes / traits you control, should go in the companion object of B. Instances for [[ArrTFlatBuilder] should go in the companion object the ArrT final class. The first type parameter is called B a sub class of Int2Elem, because to corresponds to the B in the map(f: A => B): ArrB function.

trait IntNsArrFlatBuilder[B, ArrB]
trait ValueNsArrFlatBuilder[B, ArrB]
trait ArrTFlatBuilder[ArrB]
trait ArrTBuilderCommon[ArrB]
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Type members


type BuffT <: Int2sBuffer[B, ArrB]

Value members

Concrete methods

final override def elemSize: Int
Definition Classes
def newArray(length: Int): Array[Int]

Inherited methods

override def buffGrowArr(buff: BuffT, arr: ArrB): Unit
final override def buffToArr(buff: BuffT): ArrB
def fromIntArray(inp: Array[Int]): ArrB
Inherited from
def fromIntBuffer(inp: ArrayBuffer[Int]): BuffT
Inherited from
final override def newBuff(length: Int): BuffT