object EqT

The campanion object for the EqT type class, containing instances for common types. This does not currently use a functor instance for a number of reasons.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any



implicit def arrayImplicit[A](implicit ev: EqT[A]): EqT[Array[A]]
implicit val booleanImplicit: EqT[Boolean]
implicit val charImplicit: EqT[Char]
implicit val doubleImplicit: EqT[Double]
implicit val intImplicit: EqT[Int]
implicit def listImplicit[A](implicit ev: EqT[A]): EqT[List[A]]
implicit val noneImplicit: EqT[None]
implicit def optionImplicit[A](implicit ev: EqT[A]): EqT[Option[A]]
implicit def seqImplicit[A](implicit ev: EqT[A]): EqT[Seq[A]]
implicit def someImplicit[A](implicit ev: EqT[A]): EqT[Some[A]]
implicit val stringImplicit: EqT[String]
implicit def tuple2Implicit[A1, A2](implicit eq1: EqT[A1], eq2: EqT[A2]): EqT[(A1, A2)]
implicit def vectorImplicit[A](implicit ev: EqT[A]): EqT[Vector[A]]