trait DblNElem extends ValueNElem

An object that can be constructed from N Doubles. These are used as elements in DblNsArr Array[Double] based collections.

trait SpecialT
class Any
trait Dbl1Elem
class Angle
trait AngleLike
class AngleVec
class Latitude
class Longitude
trait Dbl2Elem
class MyDbl2
trait Show2Dbls
class LatLong
class Pt2M
trait Vec2Like
class Pt2
class Vec2
class Vec2M
trait Dbl3Elem
trait Show3Dbls
trait Vec3Like
class Pt3
class Vec3
class HexParrY
class Pt3M
trait Dbl4Elem
class LineSeg
trait Dbl5Elem
trait Dbl6Elem
class LineSeg3
class LineSegM3
trait Dbl7Elem
class CurveTail