Graphics Module


The Graphics module contains geometric and graphical software.
  1. ostrat.pCanv depends on geom. This could be made into a separate module, but I don't see any great advantage.
    • Abstract canvas and classes for placing objects on that abstract canvas.
    • classes for the manipulation and display of maps.
    • Mouse and other abstract controls.
    • An implementation of Canvas for Jvm using JavaFx.
    • An implementation of Canvas for Html Canvas using JavaScript.
    • There is no implementation for Native yet. I'm waiting for Scala-native to get up on 2.12 before experimenting. Running a game server in native should pose no problems. However there is no easily accessible canvas for native on Windows or Linux. The abstract canvas api could be implemented on DirectX or OpenGL, but this would require significantly more work than for the ScalaFx canvas or the Html Canvas.